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Healthy lifestyle custom designed for you

Fitness Lab designs your personal healthy living using AI, custom technologies, fitness, nutrition and coaching in one, award-winning app.

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With the help of recognized coaches we have designed and developed highly efficient technology that provides 95% personalized workouts and diet plans

We collect your health data, analyze your performance and adjust your workout plans using AI.

The lab

Fitness Lab unites coaches with latest fitness technologies to deliver the best user experience combined with high efficiency.

Health is the basis of life. Embrace your health and enjoy healthy living with our apps.


We launched the product quite recently, but behind all this there were months of hard work, a huge amount of research and testing of our ideas and hypotheses.

As a result, we’ve made an application for people like us, who like to drink some wine sometimes, or eat some junk food. And not ready to spend hours in the gym at all.

Ivan Kolygin 👨‍💻

Co-Founder / CCO

Fitness Lab is the best workout and nutrition guide in the world. Why? 1 Technology - we provide 95% personalized training and diet plans. 2 HQ content - videos, recipes, app. We deliver our users the best UX.

It us a pleasure to use Fitness Lab. Once you start you will never user any other fitness product. 3 Team - Your healthy lifestyle is a result of hard work. We have a stellar team to help you reach your goals.

Vitali Dervoied 👑

Co-Founder / CEO



Training mode is essentially the most important section of the application. We have filmed more than 100 exercise videos, some of which are done with a bottle of water or a cat.


A key factor for a good fitness results is proper nutrition.

We have collected in our app more than 300 useful and tasty recipes that will help you achieve the desired result.